Holiday Punches

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    Brian Dowling
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      This family history website illustration features the Holiday Punches brushes.  The corner punches are used on the card’s left-hand side using the Eraser and then again on the right-hand side but as brushes.  This gives the impression of a card where the cut-out on the left peeks through to see the coloured print on the right when the card is closed (it somehow seems tantalising not to show the front of the card!).

      The other star of this image is, of course, the snow globe.  This was created from the PaintShop Christmas 4 video, available on the Campus.  I had been working on my own one, but this worked out better and I learned a lot about features I hadn’t used in the process.  Well worth the time.

      The background is a scan from one of my old postcards.  The area behind the globe was distorted a little with Geometric Effects/Spherize.

      Other scripts used in this image: Custom Calendar. Distressed Edge (on the card); Acrylic Glitter (on logo).

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