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      I have used PSP starting with version 5 by JASAC.  I now use it mainly to prepare photos for painting in Corel Painter, at one time I also restored photos for friends.  I also have fun making Picture Tubes from my husband floral photos.

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        Hi Edie!!! We are almost neighbours! I am only 5 hours from you, near Bathurst NB. We have another member in here, from NS. Hopefully she will stop and say hi too!

        Will you join our Scrap Bootcamp starting Monday?

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          Welcome Edith :-)! I started too learning PSP when it was JASC and then stopped it many many years. At the end of the last year I decided to buy PSP 2018 and found this forum rather by accident when I looked for tutorials in the Discovery Center. Never intended to do scrapbooking before but it was a new use for PSP and this forum is a real source of learning and inspiration! And by the way a lot of very nice and funny participants and an excellent teacher!!!

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            Good morning from Moncton, Edie. Welcome to the Campus

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              Believe it or not a I’m transplanted NBer from Penobsquis a farm village 6 miles from Sussex I have been in NS since 1965 when I came to the Nova Scotia College of  Art.

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