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      This family history website illustration features the Granite script.  Very easy to use, allowing 3 different textures and borders or designs.  I made a few out of some shield shapes, then I up-ended and part buried them in the snow.  Some I tilted just a tad as older stones are seldom straight.  My backdrop was a photo of a local wood.

      I added the ribbon for a Christmas present feel which I am sure seems odd to many.  I am a genealogist and enjoy getting out to cemeteries.  When I find a relevant headstone, the information on it can be a real present for my research.  Knowing what I am like, correspondents send me photos of headstones too.  So I see them as a really quite positive rather than depressing.  Years ago I did see a well-kept stone where relatives had placed a significant number of Christmas decorations, it was heart-warming that the person wasn’t forgotten and remembered in such a cheerful way.

      This image is on an automatic rotation and appears at on 15th December only each year.

      Other products in use on this image: Custom Calendar; Distressed Edge (on the card); Acrylic Glitter (on the card logo); Stone (on the edge of stone with the dragon design).  Snow was added with the PaintShop Christmas 7  technique… from memory this time… and I do need to revise it!

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