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      Just want to say “Thank you.” for the heads-up re availability at Giveaway of the Day.  🙂


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        Glad you like it. That is quite a giveaway. It is the second time i see it as a giveaway, and i feel like many people can enjoy it.

        Peggy Dyar
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          I downloaded the free version, paid $69 to upgrade to v6 and without any knowledge of filters, tried this program out…

          I used a photo I’d taken of tulips (which I had previously experimented on with changing the color of one of the tulips).

          I opened my photo in PSP X9, applied the Filter Forge effects and came up with some pretty cool results.

          The photo attached (l-r clockwise) has my original photo, a grunge filter, an edge-finder filter, and a creative “stamp” filter.

          In about 1 hour I was producing like a pro! (which I am not – far from it)

          THANK YOU Cassel for making me aware of this. This is a “gold-mine find”.

          Marlene Lingham
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            Yes thank you Cassel, I have version 4 and kept getting offers on Version 5 and now Version 6, which I hadn’t been able to take advantage of. Now I have version 5 so I will be able to wait a while before upgrading to Version 6. Also thank you for the information about NIK software, I have downloaded this and now I just need to learn how to use it!!

            Sheila Hogg
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              Thank you from me too Cassel. I love filters and this one is brilliant.



              Sheila x

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