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      Hi to everyone who works with the eraser!
      I would like to know what methods do you prefer and have experienced  to clean the small rests of a background in PSP?

      By the way I just found this tutorial by Carole:

      Using the Background Eraser in PaintShop Pro



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        There are different ways to Erase. It all depends on what you need to clean up.

        • You can use a small Eraser tip and go by brushing on where you want to erase.
        • You can use a Freehand selection to circle around the area where you might want to remove sections with various opacity.
        • You can use the Magic Wand to determine where there are some leftover pixels to remove, and once you invert the selection, you can just erase in those areas
        • Using the Magic Wand, if you only have small pixels, you can use the Remove Holes and Specks.
        • You can also select the main area you want to keep, Edit Selection and “paint” over the other sections you want to keep, and once you Edit selection again, you should have all the parts you want to keep; invert the selection and delete.

        So many tools for different tasks and situations.

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          Thanks a lot  Carole for the detailed and excellent explanation and help!

          I already worked too with magic wand, less with freehand selection.  I looked at your tutorial and flew over the help in PSP, chapter “modifying selections”.  Working with the eraser I discovered a few days ago by accident the right mouse click, that helps a lot if you erased a bit too much. But sometimes there are just very small pixels which are a challenge when you work with the mouse.

          That all needs to be trained. Work doesn’t go out :-)!

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