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      If you managed to watch some of the tutorials during our Earth Day event, can you show us some elements or effects or project using one (or more) of those tutorials?

      Post your images here, and let us know how you did them!

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        here is one i enjoyed especially when i added my daughter’s eye to the hole

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          Wow, that’s really cool, Betty!  That’s like a cross between the Bullet Hole video and the Peek-a-Boo class.  Well done.

          I didn’t make anything with the Earth Day videos, just binge-watched 11 of them (really enjoyed it) and did a little script shopping.

          The videos have me ping-ponging back and forth, trying to decide between The Lab membership or Diamond.  So far I’ve taken the Basic Scrapbooking course.  I’ve been learning so much and having a ball doing it!

          Teri Cleaveland
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            I have never built an element before. I wanted a bow I could use for any pages I do for our goats, so… After I watched the bow making class, I did this today.  (It was a beautiful day and I should have been outside working!!) I had to build the ribbon I wanted first. Started with the plain grosgrain ribbon, found a goat and extracted him. Added the goat to the ribbon. I added an almost transparent layer of the ribbon over the top of the goats. Then I built the bow.



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              Betty, your Eye in Hole cracked me up. I love it. Teri, I love your goat ribbon. I didn’t even attempt the bow making class. I have one of Cassel’s scripts so I skipped this one. The good news is that I finally got off the fence and got myself a Diamond membership.

              Here’s what I produced with the Negative Chevron ~ I thought they looked a little like steps in an Escher kind of way.

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                Betty .. your sarahs-eye-in -hole effect  looks  terrific.

                Teri.. well done for your first time building an element. and the goat pattern looks great on the ribbon.

                Michele… I agree it does give the effect of steps……. I have not done this negative chevron….it looks an interesting pattern.

                well done to each of you!


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