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      This family history website image features the ‘Doppler’ script.  It is part of a continuous slideshow of images so appears only now and then when the screen is refreshed, to make the site look just a little different each time someone visits.  I chose a dark background in off-black for the text to sit on.  I then typed the text ‘TOP NAMES’  on two line and used a rainbow colour to make it pop. I then ran it through the script and it created the doppler above and below on a separate layer.  I merged it, tilted it a little to the left and added a shadow but, other than that, it is as it came out of the script.

      Other scripts used in this image are ‘Points’ for the paper layers, ‘Ribbon Factory 1’ for the blue ribbon on which I typed ‘BOYS’ several times and then used the text as a mask to delete the letters from the ribbon, I made the ribbon bigger to use for the ‘Knot #11’ script and put a ring on the end.  Then on top of the ring I used ‘Custom Coin’ for the medal.  The folded paper with the most popular name on was made in one piece and given a run through the ‘Distressed Edge” script, it was then cut in half and the top half darkened and stretched with the Perspective tool.  The latter script had already been used on the frame to blend it into the website background

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