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    Brian Dowling
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      This website decoration feature the Decorated Eggs 3 script.  Bought on a whim with no real idea of how I would use it.  Anyway, this image only pop-up on the website at Easter and, with apologies to Easter’s religious significance for many, this focuses on chocolate!   A number of the eggs were produced without effort by the script and I chose my website colours… and chocolate!  I rather liked the chocolate coloured egg as if it has icing on it like some shop sell!  I added a floral frame and, after watching a tutorial on 3d use of frames replaced a train with the row of eggs receding into the frame.  A ribbon flourish was added and some grass/straw which did not quite turn out exactly as I wanted.  I planted my logo into the middle egg and it is also in the ribbon.

      An additional script used in this image was the Foliage set on a vector rectangle which was then distorted with Perspective.  Ribbon Factory (A) was used for the ribbon and then Little Bow to tie it off.  Darkening and lightening the ribbon here and there was to show some affinity with the eggs it was wrapping around.  A Filter Forge chocolate filter was used on texts as per a tutorial I was pointed at from the Campus.  Then just some embellishing with various tubes.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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