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    Brian Dowling
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      This website decoration features the Custom Directional Tube script.  I often try to create the examples on the store product images and was inspired by one that looked like DNA so wanted a go at that.  Not knowing how it was created I spent some time in trial and error but eventually ended up with the base you see with the green and yellow circles… simple was definitely best.  This was then created with setting 1-72 after trying the other two,  the script then merrily takes the base image and swivels it just a little for each component of a tube… genius as usual.  I then added some bevel but not shading.

      Actually making the element to be tubed was a good learning curve for tubes altogether and the time was spent getting the strand spacing right when the tube created its spiral.

      The tube was then applied in this case using Vector Tube around a rounded rectangle.  I then distorted the image using perspective to take the top of the rectangle into the background and lightened the back and darkened the front.

      Additionally on this image is the text on the quotation and book created with Subway Art and the book with the Book Cover script.

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        Interesting: I have tried to recreate a DNA spiral for a while. I guess I am looking for a different “look”, but that is definitely one option!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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