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      This family history website illustration features the Custom Calendar script.   A little setting up but really quite easy to get a result.  I decided on a drawer effect for the dates in an Advent calendar.  I could have chosen the days of the week on it if I had liked, with the dates staggered to correspond, but wanted to use the image next year so kept the 1st on the top left.

      I add a miniature version of an element from each of the sequence of images as I go in front of the drawer.  On the current day I pasted a slightly larger version of that day’s drawer as if it had been pulled out.  It also has a little 3d on its left.

      The snow was just a soft brush with some Jitter and variance… I am still learning with the brush settings.  There are 3 layers of this small, medium and large which I may be able to use again.  The trees from my walk in the woods a few days ago had some winter chill added as we are still waiting for winter here in England.

      Other products used in this image: Holiday Punches (on the left of the card as cut-out and right of card as print) Distressed Edge (on the card); Acrylic Glitter (on logo).

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