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    Brian Dowling
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      This family history website illustration features Cookies including Cookies 3.  Cookies scripts work well and easily.  Cookies 3 was used to create the numbers in front of the gingerbread houses (which were made from cookies 1).  I twisted them a little and probably need to do more work on the shadows.

      On balance, I spent far too much time on the 3d of the gingerbread houses and this has put me behind a little with other things.  I created a front wall, one side wall, door and porch which were then run through the Cookies 1 script.  These were then deformed into perspective for a template.  When the next house was being built it was just deformed over the top of the previous to save time.  The chocolate buttons used to tile the roof took some sorting out.  What I forgot was a marshmallow chimney!

      This image appears in automatic rotation on on 18th December only each year.

      Other products used in this image are: Custom Calendar (for the advent drawers); Acrylic Glitter (on the card logo); Snow Texture (on the base); Sand & Snow (for the text writing in the snow); Chocolate (on one of the house doors); Dimension (on the gingerbread house 3d template); Wooden Window; Imprint (for the faint embossing of the sleigh on the card).

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