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    Brian Dowling
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      This family history website illustration features the Cookies #01 script.  Easy enough to make but keep to the roughly 500 pixels for the texture to look at its best.  Actually my main problem was finding a vector of a Gingerbread man… in the end I found one in a font and converted it using the useful ss-MakingPresetShapes script.  The Cookie script will work with a raster, I was just going through the exercise of making converting one.

      Once that was done I made several of the Gingerbread family so the texture varied (probably unnecessary really) and for the ones in different positions so the shading would look right.  The Cookie scrip did what it said on the cookie tin.  It may have over-cooked the tops!  I added simple icing on another layer with just the ordinary brush, by hand for the amateur look (I am good at that).  I then added Inner Bevel to make it more 3d.

      This image will be on only for the 13th December each year.

      Other products used in this image are Custom Calendar; Brick Wall (for the background, then blurred); Acrylic Glitter (on the card logo); Garland tubes #1 (green and gold); Distressed Edge (around the card edge); Dimension (on the cooking tray); BrushedMetal2 (on the cooking tray).

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