Clothes Labels

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    Brian Dowling
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      This family history website decorative image features the ‘Clothes Labels’ script.  The three labels were created individually and I could choose the colours and stitching.   I found the script straight-forward and easy to use.   Ideally create a simple shape first and put in your label content, such as text and any picture, before running the script so effects also apply to the label’s content (as you can understand I am sure, I chose not to add washing instructions!)  The three labels illustrate three different types: flat, convex and lifted, three different stitching’s: all around and zig-zag, top and bottom and top only.

      Other scripts used in this image are: ‘Embroidered Patch’ to create a serge around the fabric blocks and ‘Brushed Metal 1’ for the logo bottom right (which was then spherized a little to make a brass military-ish button).

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