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    Brian Dowling
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      The genealogy website decorative image features the ‘Chocolate’ script.  Now tell me you don’t fancy a piece right now!  This zero-calorie version was made in several layers to increase the chunkiness.  Two black squares were made, one a little bigger than the other.  My logo was placed on the top square in white and merged  before running through the Chocolate script, then the second larger square run through the same script.  I added a little more 3d Effects/Inner Bevel to the top smaller square and on the larger square I used the Dimension Script.

      I duplicated them so I had 10 and arranged them in a bar.  I then created one large rectangle underneath and rounded the edges just a little before that was run through the Chocolate script.  If I had been really smart I would have broken off the separate piece and positioned it before I ran it through the script but I just gave myself more work.

      The separate piece was cut-off with the Freehand Selection and then the Distressed Edge script applied to part of that… a mask of that edge was inverted and applied to the remainder of the bar (so it mirrored the same break).

      A foil background was found on Filter Forge and that was applied underneath with a duplicate on top, then again with the Freehand Section tool jagged pieces were cut-out with some allowed to overlap the chocolate.  Adding inner bevelled edges to the 3 layers of foil improved the look.   I used the Clone Brush to make some crumbs.  Also some add-hoc Lighten/Darken.

      Other scripts used: Distressed Edge and Dimension 1.

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        Just in time for World Chocolate Day!  Very nice attention to detail!

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