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    Brian Dowling
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      This family history website decorative image features the ‘Brushed Metal 1’ script.  It was easy but took some time to reduce the image to black and white and convert St George, using the script, to Brushed Gold.  In the end I removed his head only and made it negative to get it to look right before putting his head back on  (it is pure coincidence that St George was apparently beheaded!)

      Other scripts used in this image were ‘Copper It’ for the dragon who was separated from the main image so I could process him separately.  Also I used ‘Hammered Metal’ in silver for the separated background.  All then merged back together.

      The beauty of the script’s result is somewhat lost in the chaos of its final use as shown in the St George’s Day leaderboard.

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        Very interesting about the flags…I didn’t know all that! And the brushed metals is good, too. 🙂
        I’ll be going to Michigan in two-weeks. If you’re still interested in a postmark from Dowling, Michigan, let me know.


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