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    Brian Dowling
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      This is a family history website decorative image which features the ‘Netting’ Tubes.  The netting under the beads was created in two horizontal strips and then jiggled about until they lined-up to form one large block.  I experimented with scale a bit so I could get it large enough to be an obvious net (that the beads wouldn’t fall through) and not just a texture.

      I then clicked on the PSP Mesh Warp tool and distorted the netting layer to give the beads just a little appearance of weight… I could have done more on that but I think I got some stretch in enough places.  The tricky bit was shading… it would probably be more noticeable if it wasn’t there!  The beads shadow had to fall on the net but not the vacant space beneath (a very blurred beach), that meant a mask from the gaps in the net used to delete the beads’ shadow on a separate layer.  There is also a touch of shadow on the net under my ‘hole in the page’ frame.

      Additional Cass products are the Beads Maker 3, Burnt Edge (on outer frame), the Engraved Rocks (with my logo bottom right).

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        It is so interesting how you use those scripts and supplies. You manage to find a “family” twist that I would never have thought of! Great work!

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          Very cool, Brian.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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