Basic Scrap #3

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    sandra jones
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      Learning to put the Control Z repeat command in the layer’s palette was a wonderful shortcut to learn.  I love just pressing a tab and making my drop shadows just happen over and over instead of continuously going up to drop shadow on every element or paper.

      As for the drop shadow on the leaves, my flower already had leaves on them, so I moved the shadow just a bit and I am not sure if I have it correct or not. I read about reverse shadows on the blog on the Campus but I do not think I was understanding them until I watched the video in BSC.  Wondering what else might need a reverse shadow.

      One thing that really helped me also was saving presets Especially on the drop shadow. Now I can just find my paper setting and apply them instead of figuring out which one to use all the time.


      The kit I used was called “Angel Bear” by Sabrina Ferreira.

      Ann Seeber
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        This is my grandson, his wife and my great-granddaughter Baby Magic. Hope to be able to travel from NY to CA to actually HOLD Magic!

        A lot of new lessons this time. I used the marisol-1000 kit, plus a few other things.

        Thanks, Cassel!

        Cathy Anderson
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          Hi – a lot to learn in this lesson.  The reverse shadow was completely new to me and also manipulating the shadows.   I did think about moving the shadows more on the buttons as well but decided not to   As I’m interested in Genealogy I opted for a 100 year old photograph and old style papers.  I used a kit from Emily Abramson called Antiquities.

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            Sandra, I assume you mean the Ctrl-Y command (for repeat). Ctrl-Z is the undo command! Yes, the presets are so convenient, although, after a while, those settings would become automatic. With time, you will find out when a preset can be used as is, versus when they might need a tweak depending on the element in question and the effect you want to give. The shadows on the flowers are quite consistent. As for the reverse shadow, it is more when you feel like the overlapping of two elements are just “flat”. It will depend on the texture, the colors, etc. There is no way to know ahead of time. Look at the edges and ask whether it looks ok or not. If not, try a reversed shadow.

            Ann, beautiful layout. That will maybe be one layout in a coming album?

            Cathy, isn’t that a nice way to showcase photos and stories instead of the “boring” traditional displays for genealogy? It certainly makes me want to read more when I see a beautiful page like that!

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