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    Denise Mueller
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      Here is my first project in Basic Scrapbook.   After doing the Bootcamp, this was easier and I still learned new things.  Enjoyed using the Adjust, Brightness & Contrast, levels.  I used it on my photos and on the arrow.

      Carole, I’m still having problems with the text following when I resize image to 600 x 600.   I had to use my JPG at full size in order for the text to follow in the resizing.  When I tried with the PSPimage, it did not follow.

      Also, having trouble moving stuff, I have better luck using the pick tool.  When I try using the move tool, often it is the background that gets selected.

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        Denise, the text not following when you resize is not your fault. It is the way it is when the text is inside a selection. What happens is that the selection does not resize so the text likely stays in the selection which is now, out of the image frame so to speak. That is why it is important to either Merge all as a new layer and use that layer to resize OR to have one copy of the text layer that is rasterized so that part will resize as expected.

        It is not a bug or anything, but just a limitation of the text wrapping function.

        When you want to move stuff and have a hard time “catching” the pieces, there is a trick: hold the SHIFT key when the correct layer is active and it will not change layer based on where you click (you can click in any empty space and it will still follow your cursor).

        Glad you are still learning things. 🙂

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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