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    Ken Veal
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      I have started to have a problem with the background eraser tool in PSPRo 2019.The image is a light coloured seedling on a black back ground , I want to make the background transparent then use the image on another image. After a couple of seconds, erasing stops, brush does not respond and I have to reselect the layer or duplicate raster layer every time to continue using the background easer tool. These are the settings I am using if that could be the problem.
      Hardness 100 step 5 density, opacity and thickness 100
      Tolerance 4 Sharpness 70 Sampling Continuous
      Limits dis. Auto tolerance
      Help please

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        Hi Ken. Looking at your image, is there a particular reason why you are not using the Magic Wand to select that black background? It would probably go much faster to get started.

        If you want to use the Background Eraser, I think you should increase the Tolerance to something much higher (like 20-30) or even check the Auto-Tolerance. See if it would work better. I am not sure why it would freeze though unless you are trying to move quite fast. Also, it looks like you are using a small size. Try increasing it and it would require fewer strokes. It might help.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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