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      With all the news we hear about the devastating floods in Europe, I am a bit worried about several of our members who live in those countries.

      If you are in Belgium, Netherlands, or Germany (or any other countries affected by the floods), can you let us know if you are ok?

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        Hi Carole and everyone,

        I live in Belgium, luckily the part of Belgium where we live has been spared from the floods. So I’m ok here, as well as my family and my husband’s family.
        I hope the same for other members here.

        Thank you Carole for your concern.

        Marie Claire

        Corrie Kinkel
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          Hi everyone,

          I live in the Netherlands and luckily not in the parts affected by those terrible floodings. The part of our country that has these troubles is only a small part and although all the rivers downstream are swollen the dikes are holding. The problem was only in the hills and valley’s, the rest of the Netherlands are very flat. I believe that most of the Dutch members in the Campus are living in other parts of the country, at least as far as I know.

          Thanks for asking,

          Good night, Corrie

          Annie Tobin
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            I am glad you started this up Cassel. I have had concerns regards Cristina as I am fairly sure that she lives in Germany and she seems to have been inactive here for a wee while. Keeping all in Europe in my thoughts. <3

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              I’m from the Netherlands too, but live in the upper north of the country. No floods there…………

              It’s awful to see how  the three countries are affected…..

              Thanks for asking 🙂

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                Thanks for asking, Carole! <3  …Sorry for not answering it before;  I am a bit MIA here but will be more active once summer is over.

                We were lucky enough to be spared from the tragedy that has happened in two neighboring states. As the German chancellor said, there are no words to describe what has happened.

                My dear friend, Annie, by now you already know that I am OK. ; ) Thanks again so much for your concern. Your friendship means a lot to me. Hugs and Love <3


                Annie Tobin
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                  So glad to hear it dear Cristina. Madness prevails I’m afraid. Australia is now being overwhelmed with the Delta strain of COVID-19 and lockdowns are underway. I am working madly with PSP creating stamps etcetera … keeps my mind off the current madness and sadness of this world. Stay safe and well dear friend. <3 ;D

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                    Looking over the campus for the first time since about 3 weeks, admiring activity and creativity, I found this page and was really pleased with this thoughtful gesture. Thanks a lot Carole!

                    I live in Germany, very close to 2 cities heavily affected by the floods. I have fortunately be spared from this disaster.
                    I decided to help people I know and their neighbours. That’s the reason why I stopped the bootcamp so suddenly.

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