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      Have you ever made an ALPHABET album? It is a fun way to showcase photos or stories, but with an added twist.

      I have created an alphabet album in the past, where each page had a title (and a topic) starting with one letter of the alphabet. Then, the pages were placed in alphabetical order, even if not in chronological order. So, for 2022, I am suggesting this long-term challenge for you. With one page every 2 weeks, we will be able to finish the year with a complete album. It is up to you to decide if you want to print it or share it otherwise.

      I will share my own pages, just for ideas, but I will also give you some more words that will start with the letter of the week. Try to think of one overarching theme to use. It could be about your last vacation, a family gathering, a hobby of yours, a location, etc. Think of something that you have lots of photos of or many words you can associate with.

      If you have not started yet and want to jump in, no problem. You know the alphabet so you know what letters you will have to do and you still have many months to catch up on those few pages, so don’t hesitate. There is also no deadline, so if this week’s page is done only next month, it is totally fine too.

      So here is my W layout.


      Of course, you can use words in your own language too. As you can see, this album was done in French and I had to cheat a little since there are so few words starting with W.

      Here are some other words that could be used as title/theme (it is easier in English than in French):

      Wacky, Wander, Warm, Watch, Wealth, Welcome, Well, Wild, Win, Winter, Wise, Wish, Win, Wonderful, Work, Worship, Wait, Wash, Weak, White, Wind, Wood, Weave, Wrong, Wave, Wait, Warning, Waste, Water, Weather, Wedding, Wide, Weight, Writing, and more. You can also think of anything that is un-something, like unlike, undo, etc.

      What will your W layout be?

      We will only have a few weeks to complete your alphabet album.

      Corrie Kinkel
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        I haven’t done much scrapping, but I prepared my letter W. It’s all about a manmade little lake where you can swim in the summer and which at the same time has a separate part for nature. There are always birds a plenty and there is a wall made for nesting places for swallows. The lake was made because of the need for sand to heighten the terrain nearby in preparation for building a new neighbourhood with many houses.

        Rene Marker
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          W is for Wapakoneta Waterpark. After a large donation of funds by a local business to the city, the swimming pool built in the 1930’s was torn out and a new, modern waterpark was built on the property. There were 2 buildings on the property and those were kept and incorporated into the new design. The last season for the old pool was 2007 and the new waterpark opened in July of 2008. I live 1/2 mile from the waterpark. I also had spent many days of my childhood at the old pool. I hated to see it go but the new waterpark is a nice addition to the town.


          Ann Seeber
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            Here’s an entry for Alphabet Album – W

            Wood Duck, Advice from


            Bonnie Ballentine
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              W for White-tailed Deer

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