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      Have you ever made an ALPHABET album? It is a fun way to showcase photos or stories, but with an added twist.

      I have created an alphabet album in the past, where each page had a title (and a topic) starting with one letter of the alphabet. Then, the pages were placed in alphabetical order, even if not in chronological order. So, for 2022, I am suggesting this long-term challenge for you. With one page every 2 weeks, we will be able to finish the year with a complete album. It is up to you to decide if you want to print it or share it otherwise.

      I will share my own pages, just for ideas, but I will also give you some more words that will start with the letter of the week. Try to think of one overarching theme to use. It could be about your last vacation, a family gathering, a hobby of yours, a location, etc. Think of something that you have lots of photos of or many words you can associate with.

      If you have not started yet and want to jump in, no problem. You know the alphabet so you know what letters you will have to do and you still have many months to catch up on those few pages, so don’t hesitate. There is also no deadline, so if this week’s page is done only next month, it is totally fine too.

      So here is my R layout.

      Of course, you can use words in your own language too. As you can see, this album was done in French.

      Here are some other words that could be used as title/theme:

      Rain, Run, Raise, Rainbow, Rapid, Rare, Reach, Ready, Read, Real, Record, ReflectRefresh, Relax, Renew, Resourceful, Random, Revolutionary, Risky, Roasted, Rocking, Routine, Rush, Race, Raise, Rank, Rapid, Rash, Raw, Red, Rat, Report, Reporter, Reserved, Rude, Rabbit, Rice, Road, Robin, Rooster, Rodeo, Roll, Rope, Rubber, Ruby, Romantic, and more.

      What will your R layout be?

      Corrie Kinkel
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        The letter R stands for “Ronde van Etten-Leur” a cycling race in the centre of the village. It includes a race for children with their own “normal” bikes, a race for the little ones on their balance- or learningbikes, a race for prominent and importent people in the community, old racing cyclists and an omnium for the racing professionals. This year was the 14th tour after 2 years of being cancelled due to corona and in many years, including this year, the winner  of the Tour the France has come to race together with a lot of well known other prof racing cyclists.

        The top photo and the photo on the right come from an internetsite with the commentary of the event. The layout is in keeping with the rest of my alphabet.

        Rene Marker
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          R is for River. Auglaize River to be exact. My town was platted on this river from the days when it was the home of an Indian council house. As the town evolved, the downtown/main street was built on the south bank of the river. The town also expanded north of the river. So in other words, the town is divided by the river and there are 3 bridges within the city limits where you can cross the river. I live on the north side of the river, actually within walking distance. When I walk my dog, my route goes along a road where I can see the river behind the houses. The bridge I go over the most has the dam underneath it. The 2 photos on the left show the dam (bottom) and the river on the west side of the dam. The large photo was taken behind town looking towards the west.

          Bonnie Ballentine
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            I am sooooo far behind but I finally completed the R page of my alpha book. I chose the colors purple and green because they were the colors of my running club. Purple for royality; green for new beginnings. All of my photos were really poor quality and I didn’t like them so I chose not to use a photo.

            The text reads, “I don’t like to run”…I said to a co-worker the subject came up. “I’ll run to chase a ball but not just to run”…famous last words. Soon 2 co-workers and I were training to run the Bonne Bell 10K in May. The rest is history…We ran several races together and when the others no longer ran I continued. Many years, lots of races and finally a marathon. I even competed in a mini-triathlon. I learned I loved to run. Some of my most creative ideas came during a run. I joined the Washington RunHers, a group of women who were paving the way for women runners everywhere. I met many world class runners and found many friendships. Bonne Belle, Avon and Moving Comfort were women-only races and there were lots of other races. Listed above are my favorite races and the different distances I competed. I no longer compete but I have beautiful memories!

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