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    Brian Dowling
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      This website button was created featuring the Acrylic Styles A script.  I used a coach-line rectangle shape and applied the ‘white edge’.  Easy enough!  I then added a small icon-like image to make a title for the button in my site green colour.

      Not finished yet.  I then copied the acrylic button layer and flipped that layer vertically.  I then took my icon-like image and converted it to my site yellow/gold colour.  The first is used for the main button as if the button is ‘up’ and the second is used for the button when the mouse hovers over it and looks pressed ‘down’.

      The attached image has a screenshot of an array of these buttons from the site and one, ‘Heraldry’, has the mouse hovering over it.

      Additionally on this screenshot you can see I have made content dividers out of the Ribbon Factory (A) script ribbon in my site colours with the ends made with the Threaded Ribbon #1 script.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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