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    Hello everyone,
    I’m really impressed by all your creative works and the way you realize string and torn effects.
    Here some informations concerning my project, of course it took me more than 10 minutes :-)!
    Background color gradient sunburst, squirrel-photos taken by me on my balcony, jay found on the net, I got own photos but there are not really sharp. Ellipse tool for the circles, the yellow ones colored gradient-current gradient, the 2 with flowers pattern-nature-flower, 2 green circles with balls +bubbles (effects-artistic effects, gradient-earth2), stitching with cass-stitches 2 filled with pattern-nature-flower, the string is cassel’s script “variegated strings” colored with gradient selection too, for the text “visitors..” I used the fonts preset spring, changed the font color with gradient earth 2, the torn effect on the photo I used the eraser tool (hope it’s OK). I tried for the first time one of the cass-tornedge-samplers but was not happy at all with my result, I need really to exercise).