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Every year, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox, we celebrate Easter. This holiday has Pagan and Christian origins, and has been celebrated since the 2nd century AD. For Christians, it is a time to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For Pagans, it is a time to celebrate the coming of Spring and the fertility of the earth. Whatever our religious beliefs, Easter is about more than just spending time with our loved ones, it's also about celebrating new beginnings. 

There is no better way to do this than with a delicious Easter feast. Ham, lamb, and chocolate eggs are all traditional Easter foods. And of course, no Easter would be complete without an Easter Bunny cake! After the feast, it is time to have some fun. Egg hunts are a popular activity for kids of all ages. Painting eggs is another fun way to celebrate Easter. 

Whatever activities you enjoy on Easter, make sure to take some time to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends. And to keep these memories, why not make a lovely page for them? Below are several stunning and beautiful layout ideas celebrating Easter that will surely spark your interest to get started!


This beloved holiday icon brings happiness to children around the world, and his story is one of both myth and history. It is a fictional character that brings gifts to children on Easter morning. It hides eggs for children to find. There are many theories about how the Easter bunny came to be associated with Easter. One theory is that the Easter bunny is a symbol of new life and fertility. Another theory is that the Easter bunny is a symbol of hope and renewal. 

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Egg Hunting

One popular tradition during this day is the Easter egg hunt. Children love to search for hidden eggs, and adults often enjoy hiding them. This is a great way for families to spend time together. Imagine the faces and reactions of your loved ones trying to find those precious eggs hidden somewhere! So get your egg baskets ready and have fun!

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Feast and Treats

Just as Christmas has its traditional feast and treats, so does Easter. The Easter feast traditionally consists of ham, lamb, or turkey, along with spring vegetables such as asparagus. Other traditional Easter foods include hot cross buns, Easter eggs, and cake. Also, many people give and receive Easter baskets filled with Easter treats to enjoy this day. Whether you're celebrating with a big family gathering or a small get-together with friends, Easter is a great time to enjoy some delicious food and treats!

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Life's Blessings

Easter is a beautiful time of year where we can reflect on all of the blessings we have received in our lives. We should be grateful for our family and friends, our pets, our achievements, and our happiness. These are all gifts that we should cherish. Let us never take them for granted. Experiencing Easter with the people and things we love is a true gift.

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