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Whenever there’s something we’d like to celebrate, we usually think of buying or making some delectable cakes. This sweet, heavenly stuff is a symbol of happiness and celebration after all! It may come in many colors, designs, flavors, or sizes, but the joy it brings, especially to the people who have a sweet tooth, never disappoints. There are individuals who even find eating this dessert as a great way to melt all their worries away.

Do you love cakes? Whether you like them because you enjoy sweets or just because you feel like getting festive now and then, we’ve got you covered! Let’s boost your excitement and keep your creativity flowing by checking out these beautiful and inspiring layouts that focus on cakes.. and cakes…and cakes!

Cakes by occasion

There are certain events that can turn even more special if you have a cake. Birthdays, baby gender reveals, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and promotions, just to name a few. When was the last time you cut a gorgeous, yummy cake to mark a celebration? What kind of occasion was it?

Layout by LynnZant

Layout by LIS

Layout by LIS

Layout by Joyce

Layout by Linda

Cakes by color

While most people usually order cakes with dark brown or white frosting, there are actually a lot of fancy colors you can choose from. You can pick one that would match special events like say, for example, pink for Valentine’s day or a date. You can even select a color for a cake based on hobbies and interests like green for plant lovers and turquoise for beach bums.

Layout by Doreena

Cakes by flavor

One of the primary reasons we enjoy buying and eating cakes is because of their irresistible flavors. Some like it savory but with a healthy twist, while others just don’t seem to care as long as it satisfies their sweet palates. What flavor of cake do you like most? Do you crave it often?

Layout by Rae

Layout by Karen

Layout by Melinda

Layout by Cindy312

Layout by SheilaMarie

Cakes by themes

Gone are the days when we serve plain, boring, round, square, or rectangle cakes. Themed cakes are now a thing! It may range from simple decorated cakes to very detailed ones. You may even call them great masterpieces!

Layout by SusanneG

Layout by Linda

Layout by Donna

Layout by Donna


Icing alpha in PNG formatHow would you like to get a delicious (calorie-free) alphabet made of icing? You could use that alphabet to write any message you want on your favorite cake.

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