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Picture frames are commonly used to display beautiful pieces of art, photography, documents, and treasured mementos. Using them is a nice option if you wish to personalize and fill any empty space. They can add character and a sense of style, making any room look more unique and interesting. What’s even cooler about this popular home accessory is that it comes in many forms, colors, styles, shapes, and textures.

Do you like putting your photos and keepsakes in a picture frame? Do you enjoy collecting picture frames? Or do you include frames on your layouts? If your answer is YES, then these sets of lovely layouts may give you more ideas for your next project.

Rectangular Picture Frames

Did you know that the most common shape of a picture frame is a rectangle? It’s because standard photos taken on cameras and smartphones are rectangular. Other cool items people like to display also tend to have a shape of a rectangle. Some great examples of these are art prints, certificates, and posters.

Layout by Elizabeth

Layout by Cmkondrat

Layout by Maya

Layout by Tiffany

Square Picture Frames

Although square frames are not as popular as rectangular ones because they usually require cutting down to size, they are still relatively easy to find. This type of picture frame can give a modern and fresh look to any photo you want to show off. It’s a perfect choice for anything you want to highlight, even if it’s on its own. Some examples are solo pictures, close-up pictures, and many more.

Layout by Kelly

Layout by Betty

Layout by Jenniwren32

Layout by Snappyscrapper23

Round & Oval Picture Frames

Round and Oval are probably the rarest shapes among all picture frames. It could be challenging to find them nowadays simply because you will need to cut your photo or document to exactly the right size and shape. They tend to have a classical and vintage vibe, especially the oval ones since this shape of the picture frame used to be a popular thing in the late 19th to early 20th century. These frames are a perfect choice if you have antique photographs and precious family heirlooms.

Layout by Kelly

Layout by Kelly

Layout by Cheryl

Layout by Cheryl

Layout by Michelle

Mixed Picture Frames

Why would you just stick to only one shape when you can choose more? You can play around and try mixing and matching different picture frames. You can have two or more styles if you wish. There’s no limit to creativity and fun!

Layout by Cmkondrat

Whatever you want to showcase, you can always use a new and different frame. You can get these three frames in .pspFrame format so you will be able to access them right inside your PaintShop Pro.

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  1. I have quite a few frames in my own Supplies/Elements folder. Can I just copy them and rename them in .pspFrame format and place them in Documents/Corel PaintShop Pro/2021/Picture Frames ? Would they need to have their own folder in there?

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