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Looking for a fun, magical experience that both adults and kids can enjoy? Well, going to the zoo could be a great choice! It’s not only amusing but you’ll surely find it educational too. Imagine seeing animals you don’t usually encounter in your daily life, and even getting a chance to be up close and personal with them.

Do you still remember the first time you went to a zoo? Did you find it awesome? Or have you brought your kids to a zoo before? If your answer is yes, then these layouts will give you some inspiration on how to showcase your cute and awesome zoo photos.

Zoo Locations

There are numerous places where the zoo is considered one of their many attractions. These places may have small or large facilities but can surely offer more than just entertainment for their guests. How many zoo locations have you explored? Which one is your most favorite so far?

Layout by Kelly

Layout by Donna

Layout by Sonja

Zoo Animals

Of course, if there is a zoo, then there should be animals in it! Lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, and monkeys are just some of the usual animals you can find in a zoo. So, what’s your most favorite zoo animal? Have you ever taken a photo of it?

Layout by Donna

Layout by AdeleR

Layout by Aquabunny

Layout by Jenny

Zoo Visitors

A zoo is a place that both adults and youngsters can enjoy. It’s a great location to discover more about animals and how they behave. People visit this kind of place not just for fun but also to get educated about the importance of conserving wildlife and the environment. When was the last time you visited a zoo?

Layout by Laura

Layout by Seriddell2

Layout by Susan

Feeding Zoo Animals

There are visitors who love taking photos of the zoo animals and just observe them from afar. On the other hand, there are others who just can’t skip the opportunity to get really up close with their favorite animals, so what they usually do is feed them. How about you? Have you ever experienced feeding animals in the zoo?

Layout by Coleen

Layout by Mary


Whether you have had some encounter with real wild animals, in a zoo, or in the wild, or whether you are collecting plush animals, you might want to create a soft title using furry letters. This alphabet uses three types of animal prints so it is likely going to be a mix and match of them in your title. You will feel like you are in the jungle with them (but safer).

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