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People often stress about lots of things. Work, money, and family matters are just some of them. We tend to have a long, busy, yet productive day trying to solve every issue that’s coming our way. While these kinds of stuff are essential and have to be handled properly, there is also one thing that we should never forget to add to our list and that is taking care of ourselves.

There’s a saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. Have you heard of that? This may sound simple but it really has a deep meaning. It’s a great reminder that self-care is a must and that we need to be kind to ourselves in order to truly take care of the people and things that are important to us.

In this month’s theme, we will be presenting some cool layouts that give focus on the different ways to do self-care.

Physical Self-Care

One of the most common types of self-care is by looking after our physical health. This may include activities that improve our physical well-being such as eating the right kind of foods, doing exercises to help us stay fit and healthy, and pampering ourselves with salon and spa services to make us look even more beautiful.

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Mental & Emotional Self-Care

Our mental and emotional health is just as important as our physical health. Since we are currently battling a pandemic, this type of self-care is much-needed more than ever. So, if you feel like having a mental or emotional meltdown, don’t hesitate to take a break and do some activities that can stimulate your mind or help you connect with your inner self and process your emotions. Writing in a journal, thinking positive thoughts, and going to places where you can avoid the crowd are just some great examples.

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Social Self-Care

This type of self-care focuses on maintaining healthy, supportive relationships, and engaging and building an authentic connection with others. The good thing about social self-care is that you can tailor it to your specific preferences, with as little or as much as you need. Any activity that nurtures and deepens the relationships with people in your life belongs to this category. Some examples may include having a brunch with your friends, going on a date, or giving your loved ones a call.

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Spiritual Self-Care

Last but not the least, we also need to take care of our spiritual health. This will be fully achieved when we feel at peace with our lives. Any activity that nurtures our spirit, and helps us understand values, ethics, and beliefs that offer a meaningful purpose in our life belongs to this category. This may include praying, reading the bible, and going to a place of worship.

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What do you do to take care of your own health? Are you taking vitamins to supplement your meals? Do you follow up with regular checkups with your doctor? How would you like a nice and relaxing bubble bath to take a well-deserved break? We have a nice alphabet of bubbles you can use on any paper as those bubbles are translucent.

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