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For us to function well, we can’t just rely on food alone. We also have to drink in order to survive. The basic function of a drink is to satisfy our thirst but that’s not only what this consumable liquid can do.

There are certain drinks that can do our body good. Milk, fresh juice, smoothie, and water are some of the perfect examples of a nutritious beverage. When they’re consumed habitually, you will reap the benefits and enjoy a healthier life. Your body will surely thank you.

However, not all drinks are created equal. Some may not be good for your physical health and could potentially do you more harm. But as we know, there are also some beverages that can help ease your anxiety and relieve your stress despite containing the booze. You just need to keep in mind that drinking in moderation is the key.

Here, we’ve collected several fun layouts featuring some of the most popular drinks we love. You may want to create your very own drink-themed scrapbook project right after seeing them! Which of these drinks do you usually have?


When the sun rises, the first thing you might want to enjoy is the smell and taste of a freshly-made coffee. Some people even say they can’t function well without having a cup of this brewed drink. Well, we can’t blame them because coffee can be addicting and the caffeine in it can help improve mental performance, especially on alertness, attention, and concentration.

Layout by Betsyfru

Layout by Betsyfru

Juice & Smoothie

If you’re not a fan of caffeinated drinks, you might prefer a healthier choice. There are beverages that are made of natural ingredients such as fruit juices and smoothies. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that can help boost our immune system, remove toxins from our body, and aid in digestion. Do you enjoy making homemade juices and smoothies, or do you prefer buying them from your favorite store?

Layout by Silver26AK 

Layout by Shunnstergirl

Layout by Cassie

Layout by Cynthia

Layout by Meagan43


Are you one of those people who tend to grab a glass or two of their favorite wine after a long, tiring day? To some people, this boozy drink is like a reward but to others, it is like a friend. However you think it is, we can’t deny that wine can help people relax and take their stress away. That’s why there are numerous people who even keep a collection of vino worthy of their storage space.

Layout by Susan

Layout by Susan


If a sweet drink is not your preference, then maybe the bittery goodness of an ice-cold beer would suit your taste. It is actually one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. Compared to wine and liquor, beer has far less alcohol per ounce and a larger volume which makes it a perfect choice for moderate drinking. Have you ever had your first beer? If yes, how was it?

Layout by Snappyscrapper23

Layout by T-towngirl

Layout by Agnieszka Posluszny


Do you have some favorite drinks? Do you want to have your own glasses to fill with anything you want? Now you can as you can get these four preset shapes to draw your glasses, mugs or cups as large as you want without distortion. Then, fill them with whatever you want; water, tea, coffee, beer, wine, lemonade, and more.

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