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Trees play an important part in our world. They are like the vacuum of our planet as trees absorb harmful pollutants and release oxygen for every living creature to breathe. They also provide us food, shade, shelter, timber for construction, and many more. There are many types of trees and their sizes can be small to large depending on the area and environment.

You might have encountered lots of different trees. You might even have a bunch of them in your own backyard. Whether you’re a tree lover or one of those people who are just beginning to take interest in trees, we hope that these layouts will make you admire trees even more and give you ideas for your next awesome project.

Forest trees

Forest trees play a vital role in forest ecosystems. Their continued existence is very significant for many flora and fauna species to thrive. They are considered home by countless animals in the wild. They also give out a cool breeze and fresh air for many outdoor enthusiasts who just love to spend time close to nature and away from the hectic city life.

Have you visited a forest lately? Do you enjoy looking and snapping some pics at the huge and tall trees there?

Layout by Lovemygirl

Layout by Susan; Photo by Brian

Layout by Doreena

Layout by Ophie

Layout by Lauri

Layout by Heather

Layout by Amy

Layout by Jill

Layout by Kathy

Layout by Lisa

Trees in the City

While forest trees might be fascinating, we can’t also deny that there are certain trees in the urban areas that we find eye-catching and worthy of a pic. It may be because of the beautiful colors of their leaves or that spot they’re in reminds us of a very special memory. Whatever the reason you may have, it’s absolutely a great idea to showcase them in a layout so you’ll have more reasons to smile.

Layout by Joyce

Layout by Lou

Layout by Chris

Flowering Trees

Another thing that you might like about trees is when you see them blooming with flowers. They are very pleasant to look at and can give joy to any person wandering near them. Do you have a favorite flowering tree? Did you plant one in your garden?

Layout by Peggy

Layout by Debby

Fruit Trees

While some might be fond of flowering trees, others love climbing and picking some fresh fruits from trees. It’s a fun activity and we know you’d agree that nothing beats freshly picked fruits. You’ll even feel a sense of achievement if it was grown in your backyard or garden.

Layout by Rachel

Layout by Manou65

Layout by Amy


You can now add your own trees to decorate your layout using these 8 picture tubes. You simply have to click to get a random tree, or drag your cursor to create a whole forest!

Click HERE to get your Trees Picture tubes.

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