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Shoes are intended to protect and comfort our feet. Sometimes people buy them for decoration and others use them for fashion purposes. While these items are mainly for keeping our toes warm and covered, you’ll be amazed at how many varieties as well as styles of shoes you can find in the market today. There are ones that are ideal for working. Some are great for walking and other everyday activities while others are perfect for special occasions.

Are you fond of collecting shoes? Do you pick a pair of shoes because you like the style or do you usually go for comfort and durability? Whatever the answer may be, we hope that you’ll be inspired to showcase your favorite shoes on a scrapbook page after checking the beautiful layouts featured below.

Formal Shoes/Heels

Formal shoes are a must-have item. Aside from the office, they are a popular choice for both men and women when attending parties, weddings, or any other formal occasion. These shoes are usually made from luxurious materials that seem to add elegance to anyone who wears them.

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Casual Shoes

Unlike the formal ones, casual shoes can be worn for your normal day-to-day routine like going to the groceries, strolling, or just taking a leisurely meander. They aren’t hard to find and only take lesser time to pick one when you need a pair.

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This specific footwear is worn not just for its functionality but also for fashion and adornment. Boots are very versatile. They come in many different options. Some boots extend up the leg. There are also some that can cover as far as your knee, and even your hip.

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Kids’ Shoes

Before we wore adult shoes, we once used those tiny, cute shoes when we were little. Do you still remember your favorite shoes during your childhood days? Or maybe you bought a lovely pair of kid’s shoes as a present for your beloved children, nephews, or nieces? You can certainly scrap about it!

Layout by Cinderella_cindy

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What kind of shows could tell a story for you? Sneakers? Sandals? high heels? Although we might not have the exact silhouette of your favorite shoes, you can simply tweak those shapes. Choose a different color to fill or paint them manually. Wouldn't you love some designer shoes? Well, you can be a designer!

Click HERE to get your set of Shoes preset shapes.

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  1. Thank you, I used to love collecting shoes, but I am not great at walking with high heels and they are not comfortable shoes. I love to buy shoes that are comfortable and when I am out with family we love to go places and walk around so comfortable shoes are a must. I found there was only two main brands that created comfortable shoes. About a year ago I discovered a brand that created very extremely comfortable shoes, they are like walking on air! And if you are doing long walks, you don’t end up with blisters, and sore feet. I wish I had found them sooner, as one time I was out with family it was the hottest day we walked for miles, my legs and feet became swollen and I could hardly walk by the time we came to stop for lunch, and the lunch break, was a welcome break, but I still had to struggle the long journey back! I have since introduced my elderly mother to these comfy shoes as she likes to go for walks! I think it is important to have comfortable shoes, especially if wearing them for long periods of time.

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