Theme – Rain

The rain has always been regarded as a blessing. It helps in growing plants and essential crops. Rain also brings in flowers and rainbows that everyone totally enjoys. Without it, there would be no life. Drought will hit every land and will create a devastating effect not just for animals but also for humankind.

You see, rain plays a vital role on our planet. It’s part of a process for sustaining life and growth here on Earth. It also gives us hope and assurance that things can be beautiful once again. And we believe that the season of rain is something worth celebrating so we’re sharing these fun layouts to ignite some inspiration for your very own rain-themed projects.

Shower in the rain

Imagine yourself waiting for months and finally getting some rain! You’ll probably dance your way outside and enjoy a nice shower in the rain. Have you ever tried that? If not, then probably it’s about time!

Layout by Trish

Layout by Sharon


When the rain pours down heavily, then there’s one thing to expect...PUDDLES! These small pools of rainwater are such a big hit for kids, teens and sometimes, even adults alike. Can’t blame them because it’s really fun to jump and have a little splash.

Layout by Ellasspace

Layout by Betty

Layout by Msmama

Layout by My Bear

Layout by Erin

Fun Raincoats

One of the best things about the rainy season is being able to wear your favorite rain gear like boots, jackets, and fun raincoats. These things will keep you comfortable and dry while enjoying the sprinkle of rain and cool, refreshing weather.

Layout by Joannie

Layout by Sarah_Liz

Colorful Umbrellas

Rainy days call for colorful and visually-appealing umbrellas. They’re a perfect choice if you want to effectively protect yourself from the threat of heavy rain showers and thunderstorms. It’s great for those who are always on-the-go and want to take a stroll under the rain.

Layout by Amy

Layout by Betsyfru

Layout by Anna

Layout by Jfinkorama

If you want to add a touch of rain on your next project, how about using these transparent raindrop stickers? They are picture tubes so you just click away on your layout to add them. They are slightly different sizes so you will have a really random result with every click.

Click HERE to get your set of Rain Drop picture tubes.

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  1. Once again you have made a space in my day that was most enjoyable. Thank you for the times we have shared over my odd sense of humor and you logical ways of keeping me on the right track. Big hugs from Va for you.

  2. Dear Carole, I have, for some time now, wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday, a soon-to-come Happy Mother’s Day, and a big Thank You for all you’ve been doing for those of us who follow you. Your emails, your valuable and inspiring tips and tutorials, and your kind and uplifting words have brought much cheer into my days, especially now, during this frightening and troubled time. I am, as always, awed at how much work and thought you must pack into every day to help and inspire others. You are, indeed, a most special person. Bless you! Annette Rhodes

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