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Movies are among the top choices of people seeking a way to keep themselves entertained. Some consider watching movies as a hobby while others think of it as a form of bonding and spending quality time with their loved ones. 

While television can also be a great source of entertainment, movies can give you more satisfaction and a different kind of experience. Take 3D movies as an example. They look more realistic and even bring the audience closer to the characters. They are really good, addictive and can even leave you speechless at some point.

Whether you watch movies as a pastime or it has always been on your weekend to-do list, we’re pretty sure there have been films that became your favorites. You might also have movie characters and stars that you fell in love with or a story that inspired you. So, we decided to share these awesome layouts and hopefully, you’ll be motivated to create your very own movie-themed scrapbook project.

Movie Titles

Got the title of a movie that has been so remarkable for you? Whether it’s an old, classic one or some of the latest films that have been shown recently, they sure deserve a spot on your page! You’ll definitely have fun reminiscing them and the memories that came along with them.

Layout by Brandy Lynn

Layout by Cinderella_cindy

Layout by Shannon

Layout by Karen

Movie Stars

We all have those characters in a film or actors and actresses that got stuck in our heads and we can’t seem to move on from. Why not show your admiration for your ultimate movie crushes by making a scrapbook page especially for them?

Layout by Susan

Layout by Margje

Movie Treats

One of the best parts about watching a movie is, of course, the food we get to enjoy while waiting patiently for the climax. There are so many movie treat options to choose from but popcorn seems to be the most common choice.

Layout by Carmen

Layout by Mnjenlittle

Layout by CropChic

At the Movie Theater

While the advances in technology made it easier for us to watch movies in the comfort of our homes, it is still a different experience to have it the ‘old style’. Yep! We’re referring to the big screen we’re you laugh, cry or scream along with the bunch of movie buffs.

Layout by Iowan@Heart

Layout by MarciLB

Layout by Knjclark

How about adding your own photos in a movie? Or at least a movie strip. You can now do that with this layered template of a film strip. It is ready for you to place your photos as it includes mask groups so you don't have to do any measuring.

Click HERE to get your own template.

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6 thoughts on “Theme – Movies”

  1. One neglected category, the drive-in theater. In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, drive-in theaters are picking up the slack as the “get out of the house and go to a movie” destination since most indoor cinemas are still closed. I speak with the experience of being a drive-in owner since 1977. We’re happy we can make people happy in this stressful time. One drawback is the lack of new movies being released for 2 reasons: 1) With the cinemas closed, there’s not the usual venues to showcase them; 2) Movie production has also been put on pause so nothing new is getting made. We are left with old, older, oldest Classics and some Independent Films that don’t usually get much publicity. All the hype about the content being streamed in your living room gets tiresome after weeks of isolation, which is why drive-in owners are seeing a resurgence of business, even if we have to limit our capacity to 50% in order to “social distance” our moviegoers for their own safety. =^..^=

  2. One category you left with no mention is a small group such as myself – movie addict. Yes , just as any other addictive habit or substance there are withdrawl symptoms. Popeye and Brutus never knew why they couldn’t win, you have to warm Olive Oyl to work the magic. 🙂 (sorry, nervous introduction, I’m freddy0)

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