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Christmas season is just around the corner which means another reason to celebrate and be jolly! While some of us are busy decorating and putting up the Christmas tree, others tend to be more excited to meet and greet the most iconic character in the whole world—Santa Claus.

Also known as the Father of Christmas, Santa Claus has been a part of many people’s lives, especially the kids, for so many centuries. He is a symbol of goodwill, selfless giving, and sharing. People all over the world try to follow his values and good deeds which makes the annual festival even more meaningful. Although there are folks who think Santa is just a part of Christmas fantasy, we believe that he will always exist as long as someone believes that giving is more rewarding than receiving.

Do you get flooded by memories whenever you hear the word ‘Santa’? Or you and your loved ones have unforgettable moments with him, perhaps? Well, it’s time to have some scrapping fun! Here are some layouts that will surely spark your creativity this holiday season.

Meeting Santa

Did you ever fancy seeing Santa Claus in person? Or have you and your family had pictures taken with him? It sure must be a one of a kind experience worthy to display in an album or a frame.

Layout by Rachel

Layout by Joyce

Santa's Elves & Helpers

Of course, Santa wouldn’t be able to prepare all the stuff he needs without assistance. That’s why he has to have his elves and helpers around to give him a hand!

Layout by Betty

Layout by Joyce 

Layout by Maria

Dear Santa

Like everybody else, you must have fond childhood memories of writing letters to Santa. It has been a much-loved tradition for numerous generations and continues till today. Imagine the excitement that fills your heart while thinking of what to tell or ask from him. Nothing can match that feeling!

Layout by Karrie

Layout by Lou

Layout by Destiney

Layout by Shannon

Santa Gifts

The highlight of every Christmas gatherings and parties is the opening of gifts. Whether you have been naughty or nice, there is certainly something for you from Santa. Receiving presents can make the children very happy but we all know that Christmas is not just for kids. Adults can also be spoilt a little and deserve to have some gifts too!

Layout by Nan

Layout by Dee

Layout by Maria

The elves are closely associated with Santa, so if you ever use an elf element, it will always be perfectly matched to a "Santa" theme. If you want to add a holiday-themed title to your project, how about using this elf alpha?  You get a whole alphabet for your titles.

Click HERE to request your alphabet.

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