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Being on the road is one of the best activities where you can feel most alive. It provides a level of freedom and excitement that simply couldn’t be obtained in any other way. Although organizing a trip somewhere can be challenging, the benefits it brings outweighs those little inconveniences. That’s why we can’t blame some people who find it addicting.

With proper planning and preparation, you can easily achieve an enjoyable and worry-free time while on the road and heading to your destination. Just keep in mind that you have to be ready not just financially but also physically, mentally and emotionally so you can fully savor the trip itself and meet your requirements and expectations as well. Plus don’t forget to breathe in the fresh air from your car seat and wear a smile because after all, a trip away from home and work should all be about relaxation and fun experiences.

What does hitting the road feels like for you? Do you love being on the road? If yes, then we’re pretty sure you’ve taken lots of pictures while on a road trip with family or friends. Time to take them out and display them on a layout! Here are some projects you can take inspiration from.

Open Road

Most people deal with traffic jams every day so driving on an open road is something you would want look forward to. It’s one of the best feelings ever. Very liberating and therapeutic. It gives a kind of pleasure we rarely get to enjoy nowadays.

Layout by AuntyT

Layout by Rae

Layout by Elizabeth

Layout by Robynne

Layout by Mutti

Road Signs

Whenever we hit the road, we often see signs erected at the side or above the road. They are placed there to give instructions or provide information to drivers and other road users. Are you one of those who like taking a snap of these things? Well...even if it’s a simple traffic sign or a gateway sign welcoming the visitors, it could help draw more interest and add style to your layout.

Layout by Jeam

Layout by Kelly

Layout by Betsy

Road Trip Adventures

Now, the most exciting part of being on the road is knowing you’ll have a great adventure to remember. Think of all the places you can stop over and explore, the memories you’ll have and the views you can feast your eyes upon. There’s no doubt that road trip adventures are one of the best forms of travel!

Layout by Susan

Layout by Karen_

Layout by Dee

Layout by Erin

RV Life

While there are people who just like to do the ordinary thing when it comes to traveling by road, some choose to take it to the next level! And RV life is just one of those extraordinary options. It’s the same fun and excitement but...without having to compromise the comfort and convenience you get from your beloved home. It’s like you’re taking your home with you wherever you want to go!

Layout by Harriett

Layout by Susan

Wherever you went or are going, you can now create a custom road on your project with a specific line style.

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