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A beautiful sunset is one of the most amazing sights you can enjoy without having to spend any penny. It is also among the most desirable subjects that photographers love to shoot. Well...aside from the fact that you can catch it wherever you may be, you can definitely achieve a great photo of it without having to put too much effort. Sunset possesses a charm that enchants the eye and it’s simply cannot be replicated.

We know the sunset is more than just a pretty view or a scientific phenomenon. Most people think of it as a sign that the day is finally over—it’s time to kick back and relax. Some see it as a moment for reflection while others refer it as a beautiful ending and another opportunity to be better and do better. Sunsets also bring a sense of completion, joy, hope, peace and an unexplainable satisfaction.

How about you, what does sunset mean to you? Do you like watching the sun go down? Are you one of those who love taking sunset pics? Here’s a fantastic theme that will help you show off those awesome sunset image collections you’ve got!

Sunset by Seasons

Sunset can be seen in many different ways. You can even savor its beauty while witnessing the changing of the seasons. Winter, spring, summer or fall, which one do you prefer the most?

Layout by Robin

Layout by Carrie1977

Layout by Carmen C-Henriquez

Sunset and Water

Sunset and water make a great combo. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to revel in the spectacular colors of the sunset above and adore its majestic reflection in the water beneath.

Layout by Heather

Layout by Djp332

Sunset Around the World

Another fun way to catch the sunset is when you are traveling to your favorite places or dream destinations. Wouldn’t it be awesome to remember how the sun goes down in Greece? Or what sunset looks like in one of your best-loved hiking spots?

Layout by Angela

Layout by Shannon Maguire

Sunset Skies

We all know sunset and the sky go together like paint and canvas. Ranging from spectacular warm orange to powdery pink to breathtaking purple, sunset skies never cease to amaze us. They’re like a masterpiece that keeps on getting better every single time and definitely worthy of a page in a scrapbook!

Layout by Kcvance

Layout by Crazsquaw

Layout by Linda

If you like to create your own sunset, you can use these gradients created from actual photos of sunsets so the colors are real. Use them as a warm background to your project, add a silhouette in front and you already have a stunning start for your page.

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