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Being underwater is one of the purest forms of pleasure. It provides people not just a unique experience but also an opportunity to be mindful and focus on the present moment. No wonder a lot of people crave going to the beach, make a splash or dive deep into the ocean.

Aside from the happiness and calming effect you get from dipping underwater, the sights can also leave you spellbound. There are numerous kinds of coral and marine species that you can find. Some are weird-looking and most are fascinating. It’s truly an amazing world, especially when you get to see what underwater has in store for you!

Do you love being underwater? Why not capture your favorite underwater moments and showcase them! Here’s a cool theme that will inspire you.

Underwater Activities

What do you prefer? Scuba diving, snorkeling, helmet diving, or something else? Well, whatever your choice is, make sure it’s an experience you’ll never forget! The thrill and excitement you can get from these underwater activities are incomparable.

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Sea Creature Encounters

Underwater is home to diverse sea life and unimaginable palettes of colors. There are abundant types of fishes, turtles and other sea creatures that are all living in peace and harmony. We’re pretty sure you have come across some of them during your dive trips.

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Aquarium Shots

Going to the beach is not only the place where you can transport yourself into the underwater world. You can also have as much fun if you visit some aquarium destinations. Be amazed, smile and take some photos of your favorite aquatic animals.

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Underwater Selfie

Another fun thing to do while enjoying the cool and refreshing water is to take sassy and silly underwater selfies. You can pose for the camera by yourself, or even better snap some shots with your family and friends!

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What is your story about the underwater world? Do you like scuba diving? Or do you just like to look at what is underwater without going too deep? Share your story and you can even use this alphabet to show where it was that you had those adventures or where the photos were taken.

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