Theme – Teddy Bear/Plushie

Stuffed toys, such as teddy bears and other plushies, are often our very first friends. Children love these cuddly toys. However, some grown-ups are still pretty attached to their plushies, those that have grown with them from their toddler years to adulting.

They are often gifts from the people we love, and teach us many things, from compassion to friendship to love and affection... Though the teddy bears may have been reduced to a lump of stuffing today, they still bring feelings of warmth, security, and comfort. All that said, we dedicate this month’s blog post to these stuffed wonders.

Tails of Bears

People are not the only ones who can develop a profound companionship with stuffed toys. They can also serve as playmates to our pets that can also grow up with these toys, forming a connection between them. We have seen many pets who would not give up their (also furry) friends!

Layout by Mary Fran

Layout by Pauline

We Heart Bears

Bears may also be a companion for adults, and most of us have a stuffed toy or two when we were young. They are our first friends and our source of comfort aside from our families. These stuffed toys are a perfect element to our layouts with our children!

Layout by Julie

Layout by lencik_vredniy

Layout by Carolyn Johnson

Layout by Zdeňka

Layout by Sylvia

Layout by Chris Allport

Family and the Bears

Our stuffed toys were first given to us by our families or relatives and often given as a symbol of love and care. Our layouts need the same love and care, too!

Layout by Karry Dempsey

Layout by Diane

Layout by Ruth

This is Beary Beautiful

These plush toys also deserve to be on their own spotlight, right? Here, we focus on the toys being the highlight of the photo alone.

Layout by Renea Harrison

Do you have some photos featuring a plush toy? A photo of you, or your child or grandchild with one? Add a fun and fluffy bear to it. Click HERE to request this soft plush Teddy bear.


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  1. These are so adorable! I can’t wait until my new great-granddaughter is born August 15th, 2019 (?) and I have a picture of her with her first teddy bear, hopefully, it will be one I make for her. Maybe crochet or quilted, haven’t decided yet.

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