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Here is a list of various resources you might want to refer to. They are grouped by categories, and will be updated as I get more and more information. If you know of some valuable resources that are not listed, just drop me an email at admin AT digiscrapcampus DOT com.

Here are some known print shops that can provide you with various tpes of printing services, whehter it is a single page printing, album printing or any of the many other types of printing. You can read up the post on What to print.
Persnickety Prints
Picaboo (and for coupons)

Freebie lists
A lot of stores and blogs offer freebies to download. Sometimes, they are only available for a period of time before going into the store, sometimes they are promotional freebies that last only for a while, and sometimes they last a long time (almost forever). There are so many of them that it is impossible to list them all, but some places are making some kind of inventory of those free digital supplies for you to check. If you like what you get, add a thank you note to the designer.

SuzyQ’s stuff
Creative Busy Hands

And here are some places that are known to offer freebies on a regular but temporary basis.
Peppermint Creative
Non-Printing Options

Although you might want to print some or all of your layouts, there are other options. If you want to use your scrapbook pages without printing them, check out these resources.



DVD Slideshow Builder (read about it here)

PSP scripts
Some sites offer great resources that are specific to Paintshop Pro. Check them out.

Creation Cassel (paid scripts)
Suz’ Place (free scripts)
Pixelnook (free scripts)
The PSP scripts library (free scripts)
Sheilsoft (free and paid scripts)
Fonts are integral parts of most layouts, whether it is for titles or journaling. Here are some resources for fonts. If you are using fonts for scrapping, you might be ok but if you want to use those fonts for designing, make sure you read and follow the TOU.

DaFont (free)
Larabie Fonts (free)
FontStock (free)
GRSites (free)
1001 Free fonts (free)
Sugar Frog Fonts (free)
KevinandAmanda (free)
ScrapbookingFonts (free)
Scrap Village (free)
Music and Computer (free)
Utility programs
Some little programs can help you with some tasks, making them either possible or easier.

TheFontThing : this program lets you view fonts even if they are not installed on your computer, which is great to avoid overloading your system. You can view fonts that are stored in a separate folder or even a different drive or a CD/DVD. You can type in the text you want and see how it will look in different fonts. If you are using Windows7, you need to download the Zipped EXE file and install it yourself as the auto-installer from the original download is not compatible with W7.

AbrMate 1.1: This program will be useful if you want to convert Photoshop brushes to be used in Paintshop as you can export the ABR brushes into png files. See how you can use this program to Convert Photoshop brushes to use in Paintshop.

XnView: this is another free program that will help you visualize the brushes you might have collected for Paintshop Pro. No need to install all the brushes all the time; save them in different folders depending on their theme, and simply activate or deactivate the folders in PSP as you need them.

PSP Thumbnail Handler: this free utility program will allow you to view the various Paintshop Pro files in your Windows Explorer. The files that you can now view include psp (Images, PSP 6 or 7), tub (Picture tubes, PSP 7), jsl (Shapes, PSP 7), pfr (Picture frames, PSP 7), pspimage (Images, PSP 8+), psptube (Picture tubes, PSP 8+), pspshape (Shapes, PSP 8+), pspframe (Picture frames, PSP 8+).
Sketches and Templates
Read more on the use of Sketches and Templates here. Find more resources to help overcome the scrapper’s block.

500 Sketches (sketches – paid)
701 sketches (sketches – paid)
Scrapbook Etc.  (sketches – free)
Sticker n Fun (sketches – free)
Pencil Lines (sketches and templates – free)
52 sketches 52 weeks (sketches – free)
Simply Yin (templates – free)
Midnight Scrapping (templates – free)
MandaGirl (templates – free)
Finding good Paintshop Pro brushes might be a challenge. Here is a tutorial for you on  how to convert those Photoshop brushes for use in PSP. In the mean time, here are some good resources for brushes.

800 Photoshop brushes (obviously for Photoshop)
aquired-taste.net (PSP and PS)
In-x-plicable designs (PSP)
Lush Brushes (PSP)
TFE Designs (PSP and PS)
FBrushes (PS)
Celestial Star (PSP and PS)
Kloud-Nine.com (PSP and PS)
Swimchick (PSP and PS)
Swimchick (PSP and PS) – yes those are two different locations in the same site
Touchstonesart (PSP and PS)
Free-brushes (PSP, PS and even GIMP)
Brush Lover (PS)
Brusheezy (PS)
Photoshop Road Map (PS)
BrushKing (PS)
PSBrushes (PS)
Every paper, and every element needs some good textures if you want them to look less “digital” and more “realistic”. Creative use of textures can dramatically improve the quality of the papers and elements. Check out these resources for textures.

Celestial Star
You can surely create your own gradients, but it is always fun to have a stack of ready made ones. So here are some places where you can grab a few.

Deviant Art – ak2290
Deviant Art
Nanson’s Place

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