Lesson 2

In this second lesson, we will see how to create preset shapes in vector format using rectangles, ellipses, and nodes. We will also demonstrate how to group multiple objects and export them as a single file.

Create your own preset shapes using the techniques demonstrated in the lesson and export them for sharing or future use. You can make simple label shapes, frame shapes, or banner shapes. Keep it simple. We'll do more complex shapes later.

Show us your result in the forum. Just resize it if you worked on something larger.

Since the forum thread has been particularly active, if you have posted in it, by default, you will get one email notification for each additional response. If that is too much for you to handle, you can adjust your notification on top of the forum thread.

Find the button saying Following.

Click on it and you will get options for you to change the notifications.

Choose which one you prefer and then, click Update preferences.