Day 1

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Today, we will start with the very beginning. YOUR beginning.

You can download the template (in .pspimage format) or the quick page (in .jpg format) here.

How can you use a template? Simply by replacing the layers with your own papers and elements. Remember that all the shapes are placeholders, so you don't have to keep them in that shape, and you can replace them with elements of totally different shapes.

Using the Text Wrapping feature of PSPX8 and up, you can add your text in a fun and interesting way to any page.

If you are using an older version of PSP, you will have to add the text and split the lines yourself. It is less convenient for sure, but it still is fairly easy.

Remember to post a reduced-size version of your page in the Forum HERE. And if the text ends up too small for us to read, just copy and paste it into the post. We want to read it!