Day 8 - A little bonus

I know, the 7-day workshop should be over, but if you want to tweak your pages further, here is a little tip: you can change the color of the background for all your pages. So instead of white, you can change it to another color.  A white background for a magazine-like album is quite good, but maybe you want to have something different.

You can choose a solid color. You can choose a gradient. You can choose a pattern. You can choose a dark background or a light background. It will depend on your photos and also your personal preferences. Since this project is meant to be cohesive, you can easily use the same color/pattern/gradient on all the pages, or use something that coordinates with the others. For example, you can alternate between a solid and patterned background, as long as the colors are coordinated. Or you can use two solid colors and a gradient made of those colors. Or you can just have two solid colors that coordinate together and pick which one to use based on the photos on that particular page.

So, what will you do for your background?

And when you are still reading this, how about taking a couple of minutes to fill out the survey? Your answers to the surveys help me tweak workshops to make them more enjoyable and useful to you, the participants, so don't hesitate to share your opinion. It is really appreciated.