Build-A-Kit – Scattered Elements

At the most basic level, you can offer some scattered confetti in the colors of your palette but other elements could be scattered. To save you time, you can create picture tubes using the Auto-tuber script, and then, scatter those elements however you want.


You can create those as picture tubes following the Confetti tutorial. Once you get the idea of how to place the different elements, you can also create solid color confetti using the Brush tool. Remember that confetti don’t have to be round. They can be square, rectangular, star-shaped, etc. Imagine the variety of punches that would be available if you were doing paper scrapbooking. Although it is totally optional, you could use the Punched Confetti, Star Confetti, or the Confetti Maker script.

Depending on your theme, some words, letters or numbers could be turned into confetti. Another script can help you create those faster, if you want: the Text Confetti script.


If you are creating some individual elements for your kit, they might be turned into confetti too. Whether it is leaves, bones for your dog kit, pencils for a school theme kit, you can use the same tutorial as for confetti, while simply rotating the elements randomly. Or you could use the Custom confetti script to speed up the process.


Some small objects, like beads, sequins, glitters, gems, pearls could also be scattered and even combined. Check out the Random Tubes tutorial.


If you want to create one or two scattered elements, you don’t have to cover the whole page. You can limit the scatter to a smaller area that the user can place where they want. You can scatter in a roughly round surface, but you can also scatter along a straight line, a curve, or an angle. You can also use scattered elements to create a frame.

Some small elements like beads, pearls, stars, and punched papers, can look great as scattered elements. If they are in different sizes, it can save time for the users.

If you create scattered elements, they can cover a large part of the page or a strip of elements. Remember that those elements might have some “inside” shadows if they are overlapping each other, so it will not be a good idea for the user to rotate them. For that reason, consider making one vertical and one horizontal, if you are making “strips” of scattered elements.

Will you add a scattered element to your kit? Remember that it is optional. You can try to include one, work on it, and change your mind.