Build-A-Kit – Journaling Cards

Journaling cards are more common than years ago. It likely came from the arrival of pocket scrapbooking, which would use a variety of cards of similar shape and size to fit into set pockets. Journaling cards would typically be 3×4 (900×1200 pixels), 4×4 (1200×1200 pixels), or 6×4 (1800×1200 pixels). They can be horizontal or vertical. Journaling cards come in a wide variety of styles. They will often incorporate other elements from the kit, whether it is a paper, a wordart, or a doodle. Here are a few you can consider.


If you have already created a wordart, you can add it as a feature on a card. Or you can showcase the name of your kit as a quote if it is suitable.


Journaling cards could be just a smaller cutout of some of your papers. Although it is something the user could cut themselves, sometimes, they just want the convenience of a ready-cut card to use as a mat or an accent.


Finally, you can create journaling cards to be used for… journaling! This could be a fainter version of your papers, or with a white overlay to invite the user to write something. You can also have a “solid” color card with edges that are decorated a bit like a tag, but in a larger format. You can also add some lines if you feel like it, but that is optional.


Now, you can even consider journaling cards as mini-scrapbook page for the user. This means that you can have a faint paper design with a wordart in the corner to leave room for writing, or you can place a doodle in the corner, leaving the rest for journaling.

So many possibilities that it can be addictive. Be careful! LOL