Using Photoshop brushes in Paintshop Pro

Did you ever find some nice brushes but only to realize they are made for Photoshop? Of course, those cannot be used in Paintshop Pro, but there is a way to convert them so you CAN use them in Paintshop.

1- Download the brushes you like, and save them into a specific folder so you do not mix them with the Paintshop Pro ones
2- Download and install ABRviewer.
3- Open ABRViewer and go File > Open Brush set and select the abr file you want to convert. It will display all the brushes in the set.
4- In the Previewed Sets (on the left), highlight the set you want to convert. You will see all the brushes will be selected.
5- Export > Thumbnails, and determine where you want the png images to be saved. Make sure you identify the folder clearly so you will not mix the abr and the png files. I suggest you use a folder name with png in it, to make sure you know it is the temporary folder to hold your png files.
6- Download Suz Shook’s script called PSP Brushes from PNG image. You can download it here. Install it following the simple instructions.
7- Edit the script as instructed to put the correct path where you want to save the PSP Brushes. You might want to direct the script to save the files in your PSP Brushes folder, or subfolder with the name of the particular set you just converted.
8- Open your PSP.
9- Go File > Batch > Process , browse and select all the png files you want to convert to PSP Brushes.
10- Check Use script and select Suz’s script called ss-PSPBrushfromPNG (make sure it is set to Silent mode for faster process)
11- Hit START and watch the script work.
12- Once done, you will have new brushes you can use in Paintshop Pro