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Are you already comfortable working with Paintshop Pro, but you want to go a little further within a “safe” environment?

Do you find the need to explore new techniques and tools to stay motivated in creating new projects?

The Lab is a new department built in the Campus to offer what you want: more than “just lessons”.

The Lab still offers tutorials in video format to learn how to create elements, effects and apply some techniques.

However, that is not all.

The Lab ALSO presents you with some ideas and suggestions to experiment with different concepts, different elements or different techniques.

Get out of your comfort zone with new things to try. That is why we call them EXPERIMENTS. Maybe they won’t work with your style or your project. That is ok. But maybe you’ll discover something you never thought could work or you might get inspired to repeat those in future projects.

All the LESSONS and the EXPERIMENTS are included in a detailed notebook that you can download and read at your leisure. You can print it if you want, add notes to it. Put them in a binder if you want!

Although the LESSONS and EXPERIMENTS will never be graded, you can always submit them for feedback, or just show them off to the other students or to your friends.

Every month, there will be a new module with different LESSONS and TUTORIALS.

Each module is totally independent from the others, meaning that you can start at any time when YOU are ready.

Since there is no grading, you can also follow the LESSONS at your own pace, and try only the EXPERIMENTS you want. Try just one, or try them all. It is YOUR call.

What will you get when you register for The Lab?

  • 3 or 4 lessons in video format
  • 5 experiments to try including supplies and templates when needed
  • detailed notebook in pdf format
  • access to the forum to ask for feedback or show off
  • access to our Showcase Pinboard

All that will be yours for only $10/month.

Are you ready to join The Lab?

If you already have an account in the Campus, make sure you log in before filling out the form below so it will be associated with the correct account.

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