This is a celebration in the Campus for the 12th anniversary of our membership.

In order to help you discover all sections of the Campus, we are organizing a treasure hunt.


How to play?

1- Download your full-size copy of this wooden puzzle.

2- Follow the clues to the missing 12 pieces of the puzzle. Check the site navigation or use the search tool on the blog to help.

3- Click on the magnifying glass image that will look something like this, and download the individual puzzle pieces (there are 12 different pieces).

4- Layer all the pieces you collect to fill the puzzle. They are all in PNG format, so you will just have to move them like a "real" puzzle.

5- Send me your completed puzzle in a jpg format.


How long do I have?

The "hunt" will last for 4 days only (from September 7th to September 10th). All entries should be received by midnight, on September 10th.

The winners will be announced in the September 12th newsletter.


Do I need to be a paying member?

No. All the pieces are hidden in fully accessible places, whether you are a paying member or not. Some will be in blog posts, some on various pages of the Campus.


What are the clues?

Here they are. Browse the Campus to find the answers to these questions, and you should find the image with the link to download the individual pieces.

The image is not always on the top of the posts so you will have to scroll 🙂 

  1. My Brush tool is not working. What could I do?
  2. Carole uses Active Campaign to send us emails. What other tools is she using?
  3. I don't have any idea for my next scrapbook page. Do you have a tool to help me?
  4. I just reinstalled my old PSP9 but I don't have the patch for it.
  5. Where can I find a copy of the 101 Tips and Tricks Kindle book?
  6. How can I create scary scratches for my next Halloween project?
  7. Where can I download templates for my projects?
  8. I wonder what the topic is for the next Master Class
  9. Layers are important, but I am still confused. I heard it is like making a sandwich.
  10. I heard of layered fonts, but I have no idea how to use them.
  11. Can I use Photoshop gradients in PaintShop Pro?
  12. I have some old 32-bit plugins I want to use with my PSP2023. Can I?

ALL 12 pieces are available immediately for the whole treasure hunt.

If you are really stuck, you can always ask questions in this thread in the forum.

Now what?

Now, simply put all the pieces together and complete the puzzle.

Send me a jpg version of your completed puzzle at

Make sure you send it to me before midnight on September 10th! (Atlantic time, GMT-3)

Enjoy the hunt and the discoveries!