Lesson 5

This lesson will explore more uses of the print command, but also the basics of variables. Think of variables like Tupperware containers: the same container can have spaghetti, or carrots, or rice (so it varies) but it can only hold one at a time.

(29 minutes)

If this video is causing you issues, here is a copy on YouTube: https://youtu.be/5EApFmgJixo (please, do not share)

Here is the download for the additional script using the try/except command. Notice that I put the cass-prefix in the filename so it would not get mixed up with Suz'. If you created a sub-folder for the scripts included in the course, put it there too. When I recorded the video, I had not yet renamed it with the cass- prefix.


What message have you been able to print in the SOP using the print command and various strings or variables?

The forum thread is here.

As an added assignment (only if you want), look for one of my scripts that uses the try/except function. Which ones did you find?