Lesson 4

Now that you know how to add comments inside the code, for your own reference, let's see how you can add messages for the user. This will be very useful for someone using your script, but also for yourself when you want to debug a script you are working on.

NOTE: There was an error initially in the lesson pdf. If your copy is a simple copy of lesson 3, click here to download the correct one.

(24 minutes)

If the video above is causing issues, here is a copy on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7Csdc7wI9T4 (please, do not share)


In addition to the assignments listed in the lesson, post a screenshot of your SOP with a special message to the other participants.

The forum thread is here.

If you are using Notepad++, here is a little fun assignment you can do: open one of my scripts, and search for "print" commands. Use Ctrl-F to open the search function in Notepad++, and you will see some of them. You might even be lucky to find some that have # in front. What do you think it mean?